Our members play a vital role in establishing a connected, valuable network and promoting two-way trade and investment between Australia and Korea.


AKBC regularly hold events, seminars and exclusive boardroom briefings to provide a forum for discussion of key issues, challenges and opportunities relating to the bilateral relationship.

The flagship event each year is the Annual Joint Meeting, held between the AKBC and the Korea-Australia Business Council, in turn in Australia and Korea respectively. The Joint Meetings have been held since 1978 and provide attendees with the opportunity to engage in roundtable discussions relating to the bilateral relationship.

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As a valued member, you can access all the benefits that AKBC offers. Members are plugged into the latest market news, business opportunities and ever-expanding networks to optimise commercial success for your business goals in Korea.

Member benefits include:

Networks and connections

You are invited to exclusive member-only boardroom briefings, social events and the annual AKBC-KABC Joint Meeting. As a member, you belong in the community of successful businesses at the forefront of Australia-Korea relations. AKBC also uses videoconferencing technology to maximise participation across Australia and Korea.

Stakeholder engagement

Membership gives you access to some of the most prominent business people in Australia and Korea and opportunities to meet our board, senior executives and key government officials who are influential in the bilateral relationship.

AKBC can assist your stakeholder engagement strategy, facilitate introductions and offer delegation support. We have a highly valuable network and broad reach with a diverse member base representing a range of sectors.

Access to sub-committees

AKBC has sector-specific sub-committees that specialise in financial services, innovation in health and biotechnology, food and agriculture, critical minerals and energy.

If your business is directly related to one of our sub-committees, you will have opportunity to join, access market intelligence and express positions on regulations and targeted trade issues.

Market engagement toolkit

As a member, AKBC can assist you with your Korean market engagement strategy by providing cultural training, publicly available reports and preliminary analysis. Position your business to take informed steps to maximise your commercial success, particularly in a nuanced market as Korea.

Promote your brand

AKBC runs an engaging calendar of approximately 20 events a year reaching an audience of 1,000+ attendees. As a member, you can promote your company and raise its profile through:

  • Prominent display of your company logo on AKBC website
  • Promotion of your business in AKBC’s online newsletter
  • Opportunity to contribute to AKBC’s website, e-newsletter content and social media channels
  • Speaking opportunities at events.

AKBC is the leading advocate for all matters on the Australia-Korea bilateral relationship. Members are encouraged to engage in advocacy and policy submissions to Australian and South Korean governments that strengthen our economic cooperation (such as KAFTA).

Information and resources

AKBC has the finger on the pulse of new developments that may help your business. You are granted member-only access to business intelligence and content on the AKBC website. You join an exclusive mailing list for a monthly e-newsletter keeping you up to speed on the dynamic and diverse Korea market and opportunities.

You also have access to sub-committees dedicated to fast-growing sectors in financial services, innovation in health and biotechnology, food and agriculture, critical minerals and energy.


AKBC welcomes new members from both the Australian and Korean business community.

What’s on

AKBC runs events on a regular basis to keep members informed about the latest developments in Australia-Korea trade and investment.

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