About Us

The Australia-Korea Business Council (AKBC) is a proactive, results-driven organisation supporting the commercial success of Australian businesses entering the Korean market and helping members achieve their business strategy in Korea.


AKBC is the leading national body committed to strengthening the Australia-Korea economic relationship.

The AKBC was established in 1978 to promote two-way trade and investment with Korea through economic cooperation, dialogue and cultural understanding.

Chaired by the Martin Ferguson AM and led by an Executive Committee of outstanding industry and government leaders, we are a member-based organisation of senior executives from a diverse range of business sectors with a commercial interest in Korea.


The AKBC’s primary goal is to strengthen ties between Australian-Korean business communities by:

  • Supporting Australian organisations seeking access to the Korean market and vice versa
  • Facilitating regular networking events and conferences to foster meaningful connections and collaborations
  • Delivering educational training programs for Australian business executives to enhance understanding of Korean business practices
  • Leveraging AKBC’s expansive network of senior executives, industry and government leaders to create meaningful Australian-Korean introductions and partnerships
  • Advocating for favourable trade policies and removing barriers to advance trade relations
  • Creating industry-specific sub-committees to address common challenges and explore solutions and information sharing
  • Exchanging business intelligence on trade investment and commercial developments
  • Facilitating and supporting trade missions and business delegations to promote bilateral trade and investment opportunities
  • Encouraging knowledge-sharing and developing research through publications, white papers, and industry reports
  • Collaborating with government agencies and diplomatic entities to strengthen economic ties and foster a supportive business environment.​​​​​