Food and Agriculture

The Australia-Korea Business Council's sub-committee on Food and Agriculture focuses on promoting trade and investment between the two countries in this sector. With Australia's vast landscapes and advanced agricultural technologies complementing Korea's burgeoning demand for high-quality food products, the bilateral partnership is one that is mutually beneficial. In particular, the sub-committee works to secure opportunities around further enhancing and promoting trade, understanding the latest consumer trends in Korea, including online and e-commerce platforms and advocating for sustainable farming practices. 

The subcommittee functions as an exclusive platform within the AKBC framework, accessible solely to members falling under the Advance, Immerse, and Accelerate tiers. The subcommittee orchestrates regular virtual conferences, seminars, and workshops, offering a conducive environment for stakeholders from both sides to share insights, delve into emerging trends, and explore avenues for collaboration.

Recent activity by the sub-committee includes: 

- Food and Agriculture sub-committee meeting #1 (August, 2023)

- Australia - Korea Food & Agriculture: Insights, Challenges & Opportunities (August, 2023)

- Contributing to the AKBC report "Food for Thought: Four key trends Australian food and beverage exporters need to know before entering the Korean market