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Understanding Korean Business Fundamentals

Korean Cultural Training

At the Australia-Korea Business Council (AKBC), we understand the importance of cultural intelligence when it comes to conducting business in Korea. We offer a range of public and customised training programs designed to enhance your understanding of Korean business culture, enabling you to forge stronger relationships and achieve greater success in the Korean market. With our experienced pool of Korean experts, we are committed to taking your relationships with Korean clients and colleagues to the next level.

AKBC provides public and in-house training programs to help Australian businesses and governments enhance their understanding of the Korean business culture. These programs can be delivered both virtually or in-person. 


In-house programs

At AKBC, we understand that every organisation has unique requirements when it comes to engaging with Korean clients or preparing for collaborations with Korean companies. That's why we offer bespoke training programs that can be tailored to address your specific challenges and goals. Our team of experts, including a diverse pool of experienced facilitators, enables us to select the best facilitator who aligns with your needs and can provide the most effective training experience for your organisation.

Working in close collaboration with you, our team will assess your organisation's specific needs and identify the ideal facilitator from our pool of experts. Our facilitators bring a wealth of knowledge, practical experience, and cultural insights related to Korean business practices. They will deliver a customised training program that directly addresses your concerns, helping you overcome challenges and maximise your potential when working with Korean clients or companies.

Examples of training programs we have delivered in the past include:

  1. Understanding Korean Business Culture 101: Tailored for businesses that are new to conducting business in Korea, this program provides a comprehensive overview of Korean business culture. You will gain insights into the customs, etiquette, values, and social norms that shape the Korean business landscape. By understanding the fundamentals, you will be better equipped to navigate the intricacies of Korean business practices and establish strong foundations for successful partnerships.

  2. Winning Business in Korea: Designed for businesses with some experience in the Korean market, this program focuses on honing your strategies for success. You will delve deeper into the nuances of Korean business culture, exploring advanced negotiation techniques, relationship-building strategies, and effective communication approaches. By fine-tuning your understanding and adapting your approach, you can enhance your competitiveness and increase your chances of winning lucrative business opportunities in Korea.

  3. Understanding Korean Chaebol and Strategies for Engagement: For businesses looking to target specific chaebol (large, family-controlled Korean conglomerates), this program offers valuable insights. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the structure, dynamics, and decision-making processes within Korean chaebol. With this knowledge, you can develop targeted engagement strategies and navigate the unique business landscape surrounding chaebol, maximising your opportunities for collaboration and growth.


Public programs

In addition to our tailored in-house training programs, AKBC also offers a two-hour program that takes place monthly, catering to both our members and prospective members. This program serves as a valuable introduction to Korean business culture, providing a foundation for those seeking to expand their knowledge and establish meaningful connections in Korea.

During this interactive session, participants will engage in lively discussions, interactive exercises, knowledge-sharing, led by our knowledgeable Korean experts. The agenda includes:

  • An introduction to Korea’s history
  • An overview of Korea’s economy 
  • Korean Chaebols (Conglomerates) such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG
  • An introduction to Korean society and Korean psyche
  • Business etiquette and practical strategies for successfully doing business in Korea
  • Preparing for meetings in Korea, including understanding Korean names 
  • Gift-giving culture in Korea
  • Opportunities in the bilateral relationship and outcomes of the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA).

This program serves as an excellent opportunity to gain practical insights and enhance cross-cultural competence within a condensed timeframe.

By attending this program, you will have the chance to meet like-minded professionals, exchange experiences, and expand your network in the Australian-Korean business community.

Korean pre-departure training

AKBC also provides pre-departure training to groups of people travelling to Korea on programs such as industry delegations and student and teacher exchanges.

The pre-departure training helps participants build cultural awareness and provides practical tips and tricks when travelling to Korea and can be tailored to suit your cohorts needs.

For further information on our training programs, please contact Liz Griffin, AKBC Executive Director via email