The AKBC's Subcommittee is an exclusive platform for AKBC members in the energy sector and advance bilateral cooperation. Within the context of global economies placing significant emphasis on green practices, the energy relationship between Australia and Korea presents a range of promising opportunities that can contribute to both countries' energy security, economic growth, and sustainability goals.

Australia's abundant resources and Korea's energy needs have created a mutually beneficial relationship in this sector. The key opportunities explored within this sub-committee include LNG, renewable energy spanning research, investment and technology-exchange, and hydrogen and hydrogen related industries. 

Comprising a select group of individuals from the Advance, Immerse, and Accelerate tiers of the AKBC membership, this subcommittee offers a unique opportunity for like-minded professionals to collaborate, exchange insights, and drive innovation. The subcommittee meets through regular meetings and events, allowing members to share insights and experiences. 

Recent activity by the sub-committee includes: 

- Attendance and opportunities to present at the annual Australia-Korea New Energy Forum, hosted by AKBC and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Australia  

- Critical Minerals and Hydrogen Delegation to Korea, led by AKBC Chairman Hon Simon Crean and Bill Paterson (2022)

- Attendance and speaking opportunities at the WA-Korea Business Forum (2023)

- Attendance at the Business Roundtable on Energy with South Korean official Chair Na Kyung-won (2023)

- Representation at the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen 2023 Summit and Exhibition (26-27 October 2023) and IMARC (31 October 2023)

- Contributing to the AKBC report "Mapping the Australia-Korea Hydrogen Intersections