AKBC's Education Subcommittee plays a pivotal role in enhancing academic cooperation and fostering educational partnerships between Australia and Korea. Through this specialised subcommittee, AKBC aims to seize three key opportunities that hold great potential for both nations in the field of education.

Research collaboration represents a significant opportunity for Australia and Korea to pool academic expertise and resources. By encouraging joint research projects, knowledge exchange, and technology transfer, the subcommittee aims to address common challenges and explore innovative solutions in various disciplines. This collaboration not only elevates the quality of research output but also promotes cross-cultural understanding and strengthens ties between academic institutions in both countries.

Second, the subcommittee recognises the immense value of student mobility between Australia and Korea. Facilitating the movement of students for study abroad programs opens doors to diverse learning experiences and cultural immersion. Encouraging and streamlining student mobility not only enriches the educational journey of individual students but also enhances global perspectives, fostering future leaders with an appreciation for international cooperation and collaboration.

Third, the subcommittee focuses on student recruitment from Korea, which presents a unique opportunity for Australian educational institutions to attract talented individuals seeking high-quality education abroad. By promoting Australia as a preferred study destination and showcasing its academic excellence, diverse course offerings, and appealing lifestyle, the subcommittee endeavors to increase the number of Korean students studying in Australian Universities.

AKBC's report Bridges to the Future outlines these opportunities in greater detail.