Critical Minerals

The AKBC's Subcommittee on Critical Minerals plays a vital role in addressing the growing importance of strategic resources in today's global economy. Comprising a select group of industry leaders and experts, this subcommittee focuses on analysing and strategising the acquisition, production, and utilisation of critical minerals. With the increasing demand for minerals essential to advanced technologies, such as rare earth elements and lithium, the subcommittee offers a unique opportunity to navigate the complexities of this sector.

Access to the Subcommittee on Critical Minerals is exclusive to AKBC members who have joined at the Advance, Immerse, and Accelerate levels. This restricted membership ensures that participants possess the necessary expertise and commitment to actively contribute to discussions and drive meaningful progress. Members can leverage their collective knowledge and experience to devise comprehensive strategies for securing critical minerals, working with Korean buyers and navigating supply chain disruptions.

The subcommittee meets through regular meetings and events, allowing members to share insights and experiences. Through deep dives into market trends, technological advancements, and geopolitical considerations, the subcommittee ensures that AKBC members stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving sector.

Recent activity by the sub-committee includes: 

- Attendance and opportunities to present at the annual Australia-Korea New Energy Forum, hosted by AKBC and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Australia  

- Meeting on Critical Minerals Supply Chains between Republic of Korea and Australia, co-Chaired by President Moon Jae-In and AKBC Chair Hon Simon Crean (2021)

- Critical Minerals and Hydrogen Delegation to Korea, led by AKBC Chairman Hon Simon Crean and Bill Paterson (2022)

- Attendance and speaking opportunities at the WA-Korea Business Forum (2023)

- Attendance at the Business Roundtable on Critical Minerals and Supply Chains with South Korean official Chair Na Kyung-won (2023)

- Contributing to the AKBC report "Critical Minerals, Urgent Opportunities


Watch our video that explains the opportunities in critical minerals below.