SK E&S Strengthen Cooperation With Australia On “Low-Carbon LNG Carbon Capture”

Mr. Hyung-wook Choo, the CEO of SK E&S, announced a partnership with Australia to produce blue hydrogen utilising #LNG and #CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technology. One of the major projects is the Barossa gas field, which will import 1.3 million tonnes of Australian LNG annually for blue hydrogen production in Korea.

Despite early setbacks, the gas field project has advanced due to recent court decisions. President Choo emphasised the significance of Australia for Korea's energy security, hoping to fortify the alliance with these initiatives.

President Choo said: “Australia is an important ally for Korea’s energy security due to its favorable investment environment and geographical proximity. SK E&S will help strengthen the energy partnership between the two countries by introducing low-carbon LNG and promoting domestic zero-carbon blue hydrogen projects“.

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