NEWS: Melbourne’s new ‘Korea-Town’ on King Street

Melbourne’s new ‘Korea-Town’ on King Street

King Street in Melbourne is being reinvented as the heart of Melbourne’s own Koreatown. A block away, in Healeys Lane, there are so many Korean eateries that it’s referred to as the “Kimchi” Lane, nicknamed after the famous Korean traditional side dish. Korean restaurants dominate in this area but there are also a handful of other Korean businesses including coin Karaoke booth ‘KonoCoin’, Korean beauty shop ‘Koconut’ and Korean photo booth ‘Hama Film’.

Kate Kim, a political and economic officer for the South Korean consulate-general in Melbourne says that the Korean restaurants used to only be for the 14,000 Korean people living in Melbourne. However, Korean food and culture is now more known to people by Korean dramas and movies.

She also says it is about time Melbourne had its own ‘K-Town’, similar to Koreatown or Little Korea precincts in cities around the world. Sydney recently designated an area in Eastwood in the city’s north-eastern suburbs as its Koreatown.

As Australians increasingly explore Korean culture, this growing interest has the potential to strengthen the connection between Australia and Korea.

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