Koreans Are More Acceptant To Foreigners Than Ever

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The annual survey conducted by the Korea Institute of Public Administration revealed a significant shift in attitudes towards foreigners in South Korea. 92.8 percent of respondents expressed willingness to accept foreigners as fellow members of society, marking a 2.8 percentage point increase from the previous year. This change coincides with a notable increase in the number of foreigners residing in South Korea, reaching over 1.43 million, a 10 percent rise from the year before.

Interestingly, the survey also highlighted persistent challenges in acceptance within Korean society. Ex-convicts faced the highest level of refusal, with 72 percent followed by sexual minorities or LGBTQ+ individuals, with 52.3 percent, and North Korean defectors, with 16.5 percent facing similar sentiments.

Korea was and  is still one of the most homogeneous countries in the world, therefore, the society placed great emphasis on "values" and "familiarity." Experts suggest that the growing exposure to foreigners through the internet and other media has led Koreans to become more familiar with foreigners compared to before, thereby increasing acceptance, especially when compared to other minority groups. 

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