A.SINGLE.PIECE is a newly opened contemporary art gallery in Surry Hills, Sydney focusing on Asian art, particularly Korean. Founder Rose Jiiwulee wanted to create a space that would allow her to present Korean and Asian art in a new light to Australian audiences. The gallery only shows a single work of art at a time to allow deeper engagement with the piece and understanding of the artist's message. It operates a window gallery, visible 24/7, along with an immersive art space (open on Saturdays and by appointment).


Already the gallery has held the Australian debuts of three Korean artists and has more than six more Australian debuts planned for this year.


The current exhibition is Pankration (2023) by Junwon Lee and is the first time Lee has shown works in this country. This beautiful work focuses on the concept of communal movement, be that literal or metaphorical, and its ability to bring people together for a common cause. A poignant piece for the times we live in.


More information on the gallery and current and previous exhibitions can be found at the website or instagram.