Trent van Veen
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Trent van Veen

Trent is the Leader of Ernst & Young’s Sustainability Assurance and Advisory Services group in New South Wales and is responsible for the development and oversight of all of Ernst & Young’s services in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental issues.


Trent’s interest in sustainability emerged from his mining and resources experience. In this context he worked with companies whose “license to operate” was based on their risk management around environmental issues.


He has presented on Accounting for Native Title, Project Rehabilitation and Restoration and Municipality recognition as well as working on a number of Sustainability Assurance assignments for his clients.


Trent has in excess 20 years experience in the conduct of statutory audits and related services both in Australia and foreign jurisdictions.Trent’s specialisation covers Consumer Products, Diversified Manufacturing and Resources. His experiences servicing clients in these segments also include US and Canadian GAAP, SOX related services and transaction based services.


Trent is a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney, and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. Trent has also been the Honorary Auditor, Australian Gold Council and an Adjudicator, Australasian Reporting Awards.

Mr Trent van Veen
Ernst & Young
Level 33, 680 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000