The Australia-Korea Foundation – Fostering Greater Understanding
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The Australia-Korea Foundation – Fostering Greater Understanding

The Australia-Korea Foundation (AKF), a longstanding public diplomacy program established by the Australian Government more than 25 years ago, has long been promoting ties between Australia and the Republic of Korea (ROK).

Administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the AKF offers annual grant funding directed at fostering understanding and building people-to-people and institutional links between Australia and the ROK. The grants are provided to organisations and individuals to support projects which advance Australia’s engagement with the ROK, including exchanges, partnerships and other collaborations in the areas of education, business, academia, and arts and culture.

The AKF’s efforts, alongside our existing people-to-people links, are key to supporting the close political and economic relationship between Australia and the ROK.

The AKF, overseen by a six member board, was established to support the exchange and dissemination of information, and to provide a source of advice and strategic guidance, in relation to the ways in which Australia-ROK relations may be encouraged and strengthened.

Among this year’s grant recipients are a broad variety of projects including:

  • a project to enhance information exchange and collaborative approaches on Antarctic matters between Australia and the ROK;
  • a program supporting former North Korean students to develop their English language skills in Australia, in collaboration with UTS:Insearch and the ROK’s Ministry of Unification; and
  • a shared cybersecurity workshop between the University of Western Australia, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea University, and Seoul Women’s University.

The grants program is open to suitably qualified individuals and organisations in Australia and the ROK. The next round opens in February 2020 and successful applicants are notified in mid-July.

For more information about the grants program and the work of the AKF visit DFAT’s Australia-Korea Foundation website –


Caption: ROK collaborator, Hyoung Chul Shin on Skype for the Launch of the University of Tasmania’s project – Australia and Korea in the Antarctic. Photo credit: University of Tasmania


Feature photo: 2018 signing in Seoul of the MOU between UTS Insearch, and the Australian and ROK Governments for former North Korean students to study English in Australia. L to R: Australian Ambassador to the ROK, James Choi, ROK Minister for Unification, Cho Myong Gyon, and UTS Insearch Managing Director, Alex Murphy. Photo credit: DFAT