Technical and Educational Tours of Australian Agriculture By Agricultural Tours Riverina
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Technical and Educational Tours of Australian Agriculture By Agricultural Tours Riverina

Agricultural Tours Riverina designs and conducts technical tours in Australian rural industries in the eastern half of the continent.

Our tours are tailor-made, designed to suit the needs of each client.

Korean companies – especially SME companies – wishing to explore sources of frural product, examine potential markets for manufactured farm equipment, or discover investment opportunities in Australian agriculture face two major hurdles:

  1. How to familiarise themselves with the Australian industry sector relevant to their plans; and


  1. How to assess opportunities.

Agriculture is one industry sector where the two countries complement each other neatly. Australia’s harvests occur when local fresh produce is not available in Korea. Australia’s strengths are in broadacre farming and grazing because land is comparatively cheap. There is a wide range of existing trade relationships in food and fibre on which to leverage more robust relationships. Foreign investment rules in Australian agriculture are supportive of Korean investors.

There is enormous potential to increase Korean involvement in Australian agriculture.

Agricultural Tours Riverina is not in partnership with particular financial institutions, real estate agents or legal firms. Our sole business is to create a series of visits to farms, processing plants, transport and other facilities that fit your intentions to invest, to procure product for importing into Korea, or to explore markets for Korean-made equipment used in agriculture.

Tell Agricultural Tours Riverina what sector of Australian agriculture you want to understand and let us design a series of site visits to fit your needs. Absolute discretion is assured.                                             

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