Korea Konversations with Enrico Palermo – EVENT WRAP UP

On Thursday 23 September, the AKBC hosted the 8th episode of Korea Konversations with Enrico Palermo, Head of the Australian Space Agency, Here are the key take aways:

  • The formation of the Australian Space Agency builds upon the nation’s longstanding work in space to help catalyse the development of the domestic sector to improve the lives of Australians and create a sustainable area of economic growth.
  • There is over 20 years of cooperation between Australia and Korea on scientific endeavours, which creates opportunity to leverage both our nation’s technical expertise for collaboration in space.
  • For example, current Australia-Korea collaboration in energy and resources presents a strong foundation for future cooperation such as in remote asset management applications in space.
  • The global space sector is forecast to be greater than US$1 trillion by 2040. The Agency is working to triple the size of the Australian space sector to AU$12 billion and create 20,000 additional jobs by 2030.
  • Since the Agency was established in 2018, the Australian Government has invested more than $700 million in the sector through the Agency and its partners including Geoscience Australia, CSIRO and the SmartSat CRC.
  • This investment is directed by the Australian Civil Space Strategy, which defines four strategic pillars whose activities are guided by seven National Civil Space Priority Areas. These Priority Areas capture Australia’s unique capabilities in areas such as Earth observation, communications, position, navigation and timing, robotics and automation, and space medicine.
  • To further grow Australia’s domestic space sector, the Agency manages a range of industry programs such as the flagship $150 million Moon to Mars initiative. The Agency has also signed over 14 MOUs and Statements of Intent with organisations nationally and around the world.
  • The Agency is developing technical roadmaps for each of the Priority Areas, with the first roadmap having been launched in December 2020 on Communications Technologies and Services. The second roadmap on Earth Observation will be released imminently.
  • The Agency’s delivery priorities over the next five years include joint international missions; increasing its presence in Indo-Pacific region; investment in civil space priority areas; regulatory reform; access to space through nascent sovereign launch capability; and developing the future workforce pipeline.
  • To encourage Australia-Korea collaboration, the Agency will continue dialogue around complementary unique capabilities, including exploring the establishment of a ‘Space Bridge’ modelled on the UK-Australia Space Bridge that was launched in February 2021.
  • For a sustainable space ecosystem, you need a multi-disciplinary workforce, including people with critical thinking skills as well as technical expertise.
  • Australia could be utilised as a launch platform for Korea, offering a safe and uncongested place to launch rockets in a stable geopolitical environment with a strong talent base and a new and evolving regulatory framework.
  • The Agency would encourage those looking to collaborate to attend future roadmap briefings in the interim and is open to a working discussion on greater means of future collaboration.

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