[Member News] KISCO helps Australian start-up Boron Molecular expand its business
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[Member News] KISCO helps Australian start-up Boron Molecular expand its business


AKBC member Kyung-In Synthetic Corporation (KISCO), a Korean company which specialises in chemical materials, held a signing ceremony today to announce their joint investment with CSIRO in Boron Molecular. Boron Molecular is an Australian start-up company, created to produce some of CSIRO’s patented projects and is a supplier of products including pharmaceutical intermediates and polymeric materials.

As a minority shareholder in Boron Molecular, KISCO plans to cooperate with the start-up “to create new domestic and foreign businesses” and explore new trading lines. KISCO will help the start-up expand its business in the precision chemicals sector and promote R&D cooperation.

Boron Molecular CEO Zoran Manev remarked that “with KISCO, we can offer CSIRO’s chemical technologies at scale to a global market.” The partnership will hopefully be the start of progressing scientific innovation from CSRIO to Boron Molecular to KISCO for many years to come.

Click here to read the full statement in English and Korean.