Strategic Energy: The Emerging Australia-Korea Hydrogen Partnership

The Perth USAsia Centre is pleased to launch our latest publication: ‘Strategic Energy: The Emerging Australia-Korea Hydrogen Partnership’.

Hydrogen is emerging as a strong foundation for the future of the Australia-Korea partnership. Korea’s growing hydrogen demand strongly complements Australia’s potential to become the region’s hydrogen supply superpower. In this way, hydrogen can serve as a catalyst to evolve the Australia-Korea relationship into a new economic partnership phase. This transition from ‘peers’ to ‘partners’ can advance more strategic aims, including broader regional leadership and influence.

Existing intergovernmental mechanisms provide a robust basis for bilateral hydrogen cooperation. Korean companies have made significant commitments to the hydrogen industry, creating attractive commercial opportunities for Australia. Joint projects, between the two countries, on the production of ‘green commodities’ are already in early stages.

In our latest publication, authors James Bowen and Kyle Springer argue that hydrogen should be a major priority in efforts to develop the next phase of the Australia-Korea economic and strategic relationship. The Australia-Korea hydrogen partnership faces some challenges, especially around investment in infrastructure across the value chain. To overcome this, supportive regulations, standards, and other policies need to be established. The report provides practical recommendations to ensure the potential of an Australia-Korea hydrogen partnership is realised.
I encourage you to view the two-page report summary, which is available in English and Korean languages, and download the full report document below.
Warm regards,
L. Gordon Flake 
CEO, Perth USAsia Centre
James Bowen is a Policy Fellow at the Perth USAsia Centre. He is currently working on the intersection of hydrogen sector development and regional cooperation, as well as European engagement with the Indo-Pacific. James was previously a Non-Resident Research Fellow at the Centre from 2018 to 2020.


Kyle Springer is a Policy Fellow at the Perth USAsia Centre. He provides high-level program assistance and develops the think tank and external outreach programs of the Centre. In addition to planning and coordinating a range of program and research initiatives, Kyle directs the Centre’s Indonesia programs and convenes policy workshops focussed on Australia-Indonesia relations.

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