Australia Trade Forum
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Australia Trade Forum

The Australia-Korea Business Council is a proud supporter of the 2017 Australia Trade Forum.

The event is a corporate-focused gathering bringing together all sectors involved in international trade. The event will report on developments in global markets and their impact on Australian trade, and explore what the future may hold for Australia’s corporates and exporters.

2017’s conference will be an ideal opportunity to establish new relationships with those currently doing business in the country, bypassing the need to set up countless meetings over several days, saving time and money

Speakers include:

Peter Candy, Group Treasurer, GrainCorp

Fulvio Barbuio, Head Corporate Treasury & Risk, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Melinda Gibson, Senior Treasury Analyst, Jemena

John Reeve, Director, AgRee Commodities

Jaydeep Solanki, Director, Program Purchasing Management, General Motors

Lisa McAuley, Chief Executive Officer, Export Council of Australia

Laurie Walker, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF), Government of Australia

Justin Smirk, Senior Economist, Westpac Group

Heath Baker, Head of Trade Policy & Industry Engagement, Export Council of Australia

Ilkka Tales, Managing Director, APAC, Greensill

Sophie Krantz, Director, Aercas, International Trade Strategy Manager, BlueScope

Peter Gilbert, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore, BPL

Andrew Beechey, Head of Global Financial Risks, Asia Pacific, Liberty International Underwriters

Kirk Cheesman, Managing Director, NCI

James Tiarks, Political and Credit Risk Broker, Texel Asia

Rajiv Biswas, Senior Director & Chief Economist, Asia Pacific, HIS

Adnan Ghani, Global Head of Trade, Westpac


Registration is free for AKBC corporate members, contact Liz Johnston for details at


Click here for event information.