A Home Run for Australian and Korean Baseball By Baseball Australia
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A Home Run for Australian and Korean Baseball By Baseball Australia

Baseball Australia has embarked over the last 18 months on a deliberate strategic path to engage with Korea to create both business and baseball opportunities. Sport is a great vehicle to engage business and government in areas such as trade, tourism, business to business and broad marketing and exposure of products. Sports Diplomacy is an important area as well in building relationships and/or adding value to existing customers/suppliers.

Korean Baseball professional baseball league (KBO) sits as the third biggest professional baseball league in the world behind only MLB (USA) and NPB (Japan) as evidenced by the graph below – Baseball is as big in Korea as Cricket is in Australia.

This Korean Baseball strategy now established will continue to grow and be a permanent part of Baseball Australia’s strategy for the long term.

Two key outcomes have been achieved that Baseball Australia seeks to grow that we believe will lead to business-based outcomes through the art of sport and sports diplomacy.

• This team reached 18 million viewers in Korea in its first season (18/19) and in this coming season will feature players all from the KBO –viewership is expected to increase another 50%.

KBO Spring Training Camps
• In February 2020 it is expected between 2 and 4 KBO professional teams with their staff and athletes of around 100 people, will stay in Australian cities for 28 days and play exhibition games against the Australian National Team. This will create significant exposure of Australia as a destination to Korea as these spring training camps also engage the Korean supporters of these teams with the regular season starting in April.