[Video] Korea Market Insights with Daniel Kim
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[Video] Korea Market Insights with Daniel Kim

AKBC member Trade and Investment Queensland has released the informative video, “Korea Market Insights with Daniel Kim,” AKBC Director and TIQ Trade Commissioner for Korea, and Michael Kocken, TIQ Senior Trade and Investment Officer for Korea.

The video provides up-to-date information on key considerations and opportunities in the Australia-Korea corridor, such as e-commerce, innovation in health and hydrogen.

Further, Mr Kim outlines five key reasons why Australian businesses should actively consider Korea:

1. The bilateral relationship is underpinned by shared values, interests and mutual respect;
2. Australia and Korea have complementary economies;
3. Businesses can ride the Korean pop culture ‘Hallyu’ wave to reach global markets;
4. Korea is a global leader in innovation; and
5. Korea has a proven track record of overcoming adversity to create opportunity, most recently during COVID-19.

“Now, even during this pandemic, it is a great time to take a first or a fresh look at the emerging and evolving opportunities” in Korea, concluded Mr Kim.

The video can also be watched here.