Top 10 Korean technologies to watch out for in 2020
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Top 10 Korean technologies to watch out for in 2020

“Rollable” TVs and Caregiver Robots are just two of the top 10 Korean technologies to watch out for in 2020, according to Seoulz.

Korea is a global innovation centre, ranking first on the Bloomberg Innovation Index between 2014-2019. With government support, Korean companies and startups have significantly invested in R&D efforts and talent to create new products and services.

For example, LG SIGNATURE has developed an ultra-thin rollable OLED display for their upcoming flatscreen TVs. Each screen can roll and unroll 50,000 times and fits within the TV speaker’s box.

The Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials’ Caregiver Robot works automatically to help support a patient’s upper and lower bodies during rehabilitation. It is expected to be in high demand in 2021, as Korea is currently experiencing a shortage of nurses and caregivers.

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