The positives of wearing masks
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The positives of wearing masks

As masks become compulsory in the Victorian hot spots as of today, South Korean women are reminding us that there are some positives of mask wearing. According to reports, South Korean women feel less pressure to wear makeup as face mask use becomes necessary in the workplace. South Korea has the sixth-largest cosmetic industry and saw declining sales of 50-70% in January as the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the country. As one person says, “I used to feel pressure every morning to wear makeup, but now my colleagues and I do not put much makeup on as we started to wear masks at work. This is really comfortable because I do not have to care about how I would look without makeup and it saves time in the morning.”

However, Oh Dae-sik, a professor of beauty and health care at Daejeon University, says wearing a face mask is an opportunity to change your makeup style if you would like to. She noted that Koreans “tend to be afraid of applying colours on their face. When it comes to makeup, you should dare to change the style. Once you make a change, then that style will be yours.”

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