Seoul – The New York Times’ new base in Asia
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Seoul – The New York Times’ new base in Asia

Global recognition of Korea soars to new heights following The New York Times selecting Seoul as the new hub for their Hong Kong-based digital news team. The decision comes after China passed the national security law in June, creating uncertainty on how the law may impact the newspaper’s operations.

The New York Times said that “South Korea proved attractive, among other reasons, for its friendliness to foreign business, independent press, and its central role in several major Asian news stories.”

Jean Lee, former bureau chief of the Associated Press Seoul, also remarked that Incheon International Airport has made Seoul a “true” flight hub and Korea “is a remarkably efficient place, so getting a team in place should be quick and easy” despite COVID-19.

In recent times, Korea has increasingly captured the world’s attention. From its exemplary response to COVID-19, to the explosion of Korean soft power through K-pop, K-dramas and cinema, to world-leading innovation in AI and 5G, Korea is showcasing its expertise and tech-savvy, outward-looking mindset.

An incredible opportunity awaits Seoul if more companies recognise the city’s and country’s potential to add-value and enrich their business operations.

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