Samsung mounts global 5G campaign
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Samsung mounts global 5G campaign

Samsung Electronics is emerging as a challenger in the 5G telecoms equipment market. Traditionally, Samsung has focused on computer chips, smartphones and displays, however, the company has been increasing its market share in the 5G mobile infrastructure market to 10-15% in recent years.

Trillions of dollars will be spent in the coming decade to deploy 5G worldwide. Samsung’s secure supply chain is becoming a key selling point given increasing concerns about the security of Huawei’s technology. Samsung manufactures the majority of its network equipment in Korea and Vietnam and its 5G modem chips in the US.

Samsung’s supply chain has already been advantageous for the company. In September, Samsung won a ₩7.7 trillion or A$9.3 billion contract to supply 5G radio access network (RAN) equipment to American telecom giant Verizon until 2025.

“Samsung’s recent win with Verizon could be a game changer,” remarked Stefan Pongratz, a leading wireless/telecom Analyst at research company Dell’Oro Group.

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