President Moon and Prime Minister Morrison discuss G7+ and COVID-19
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President Moon and Prime Minister Morrison discuss G7+ and COVID-19

Last Friday, Prime Minister the Hon. Scott Morrison and President Moon Jae-in had a 35-minute phone conversation to discuss the upcoming Group of Seven (G7) summit and recent bilateral cooperation.

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump proposed expanding the G7 summit by inviting countries including Korea and Australia to the table. During their call, Prime Minister Morrison and President Moon agreed that Australia and Korea’s participation would strengthen the G7’s representation in the Indo-Pacific region and support its response to global challenges after the pandemic.

Both leaders also agreed that Australia-Korea partnerships to develop and then supply COVID-19 vaccines would be mutually beneficial. Further, President Moon invited Australia to join the Seoul-based International Vaccine Institute (IVI), which is currently developing COVID-19 vaccines while promoting international solidarity for vaccine accessibility. Prime Minister Morrison said the Australian government would “consider [the invitation] positively,” according to Kang Min-seok, President Moon’s spokesperson.

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