POSCO to build a Smart Green City with KT Corp and MYSTECH
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POSCO to build a Smart Green City with KT Corp and MYSTECH

POSCO will build a ‘Smart Green City’ in partnership with telecom company KT Corporation and MYSTECH, which manufactures eco-friendly street facilities.

The project will use by-products from POSCO’s steel making processes to create a porous material for footpath construction and will also use an Internet of Things sensor to monitor tree and soil water supply and water leakages.

Kim Sang-Gyun, head of POSCO’s marketing division, said “this project is meaningful in that large companies, SME, and a venture company will join forces to restore the green ecosystem of the local community and it will promote the eco-friendly image of steel in the construction material market.”

The Korean government is promoting ‘Smart Green City’ projects under its Green New Deal initiative, investing ₩290 billion (A$357 million) to support up to 25 projects between 2021-2023.

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