Membership benefits
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AKBC regularly hold events, seminars and exclusive boardroom briefings to provide a forum for discussion of key issues, challenges and opportunities relating to the bilateral relationship.

The flagship event each year is the Annual Joint Meeting, held between the AKBC and the Korea-Australia business Council, in turn in Australia and Korea respectively. The joint meetings have been held since 1978 and provide attendees with the opportunity to engage in roundtable discussions relating to the bilateral relationship.

Find out more about the benefits of AKBC membership.


Membership benefits include:

1. Networking

AKBC has an impressive calendar of events lined up for 2018, including exclusive member-only boardroom briefings, social events and of course the 2018 AKBC-KABC Joint Meeting. These events provide members with networking opportunities to meet and hear from senior business representatives. Furthermore, membership provides an opportunity to belong to a community of prominent businesses at the forefront of Australia-Korea relations. AKBC also uses videoconferencing technology for some events to maximise participation across Australia and Korea.

2. Access

AKBC will provide you with access to some of the most prominent business people in Australia and Korea. With members from a range of sectors, AKBC can facilitate introductions and offer delegation support.

3. Promotion of your brand

As a member of AKBC, you will be given many opportunities to promote your company and raise its profile through:

  • prominent display of company logo on AKBC website
  • promotion of business in online directory/newsletter
  • opportunity to contribute to AKBC website and e-newsletter content
  • speaking opportunities at events.

4. Information and resources

AKBC has access to high-quality, practical information and resources relating to Korea. As a member, you will be provided with access to exclusive member-only information and content on the AKBC website. you will also receive monthly e-newsletters straight to your inbox, providing you with business-focused information relating to the bilateral relationship and exclusive member-only information.

5. Advocacy

AKBC has a strong, influential and respected voice for all maters relating to the Australia-Korea bilateral relationship. AKBC members are provided with opportunities to be involved in AKBC advocacy activity and policy submissions to Australian and South Korean governments.