Korea’s booming e-commerce food services
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Korea’s booming e-commerce food services

Korean e-commerce retailers are continuing to innovate as consumer demand for contactless services remains high.

Online fresh grocery shopping is particularly popular, with sales rising 19% year-on-year between September 14 and 23 based on data collected by eBay Korea.

“This year’s Chuseok is looking different as a result of COVID-19, which saw contactless shopping become more popular and fewer people plan to visit their parents during the holiday season,” said Taesoo Kim, Head of Sales at eBay Korea.

Korea’s largest online retailer Coupang recently launched their ‘Fine Table’ product range, which features 200 premium food items from beef to pastries and fruit.

Another example is Wemakeprice’s commitment to providing consumers a full refund if they are dissatisfied with the quality of their perishable goods. The company’s trial of the policy resulted in almost no refund requests.

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