Korean tech helps distinguish Aussie probiotic product range
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Korean tech helps distinguish Aussie probiotic product range

Korean technology will help distinguish Australian company Pacific Blue Health‘s new probiotic product range, Elementelle Probiotics+, from alternative products on the market.

Supported by Korean pharmaceutical giant Chong Kun Dang Holdings (CKD), the four Australian-made products are designed to improve gut health by using clinically trialled and patented probiotics.

Pacific Blue Health Founder John Kim said, “what sets Elementelle Probiotics+ apart from other probiotics on the market is a unique patented technology from CKD that protects the probiotics from being destroyed by stomach acid.

“In my home country of South Korea, one in three people already take the CKD range of probiotics.

“By using CKD drug delivery technology and only the best probiotics and prebiotics and specific vitamins and minerals, we have developed an exciting range for the Australian market.”

Launched today in Australia, the Elementelle Probiotics+ range includes Healthy Ageing, Brain and Cognition, Hair, Skin and Nails; and Kids, Immunity and Learning products, which all help support a healthy digestive system and diverse microbiome.

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