Korea, Global Link to Success By KOTRA and Invest Korea
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Korea, Global Link to Success By KOTRA and Invest Korea


The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) is Korea’s national trade and investment promotion organization under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(MOTIE). KOTRA strives to explore new markets and to create new opportunities that further increase the trade and investment partnerships between Korean SMEs and foreign enterprises through various trade promotion services, comprehensive support services for inbound and outbound investment, as well as employment support for a talented global workforce. KOTRA has an extensive global network of 129 overseas offices in 84 countries.

What we do

  • Trade Support: To promote international trade, KOTRA helps foreign buyers find the right Korean partners for them via various trade promotion activities
  • Investment Support: From initial consultation to aftercare, KOTRA promotes and supports inbound/outbound investment at every step of the investment process
  • Global HR Partner: KOTRA supports the international exchange of human resources equipped with global capabilities and competitiveness
  • Economic and Trade Cooperation: KOTRA creates win-win opportunities by supporting FTAs, and by sharing our development experiences and cooperating with partner countries
  • Global Market Information: KOTRA collects and analyses global market information that is then distributed to Korean companies and organizations

Invest KOREA(IK)

Invest KOREA (IK), Korea’s national investment promotion agency, was established as part of KOTRA to support the entry and establishment of foreign businesses in Korea. IK provides comprehensive services for foreign businesses, including consultations, assistance with investment notification and corporate establishment, support for business activities in Korea and grievance resolution in close cooperation with KOTRA’s 36 overseas offices (Korea Business Centres).

[Inbound Investment]

  • One-Stop Service: IK provides customized investor supports from pre-investment consultation, and investment execution, to post-investment process
  • Invest Korea Week(IKW): Korea’s largest global investment forum with the purpose of promoting Korea’s investment environment, as well as providing business meetings and site visits opportunities to prospective investors
  • Invest Korea Plaza(IKP): The first facility dedicated to foreign investors in Korea, and offers furnished office space and administrative service to support their successful early settlement
  • Invest Korea Market Place: The database of promising Korean companies and organizations that IK works with. Foreign investors get an online access to the potential investment opportunities
  • Aftercare service for Foreign Invested Companies: The Foreign Investment Ombudsman and the Home Doctor Group composed of experts in diverse fields provide aftercare service from troubleshooting to grievance resolution

[Outbound Investment]

  • Seminars and Consultations: KOTRA provides outbound investment information to Korean companies looking to do business globally
  • Cross-border M&A Support: KOTRA introduces local companies that wish to attract foreign investment to potential buyers, primarily for small and medium-sized deals
  • Globalization of Startups: KOTRA supports Korean startups and those preparing to start a business overseas through collaboration with foreign companies, venture capital(VC) and accelerators