[Partner event] Future Asia Business Summit (Sydney 23–25 July 2019)
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[Partner event] Future Asia Business Summit (Sydney 23–25 July 2019)

The City of Sydney invites global business leaders and entrepreneurs to Sydney for the Future Asia Business Summit 2019 from 23 July – 25 July.

This annual event gathers business, policy and thought leaders to meet and discuss economic competitiveness through global engagement, and particularly connections with Asia.

This year’s theme – Sydney thriving in a smart Asian century – profiles technology ‘smart’ and sustainable urban development and trade and investment opportunities. It explores opportunities and challenges in how businesses can engage to enhance liveable and smart communities.

As a ‘gateway to Asia’ and a significant services hub, Sydney plays an important role nationally in attracting global talent, business and investment. Our digital economy is worth more than $27.65 billion, or nearly 2% of gross national product.

And our city dominates the nation’s information and creative digital industries.

Through shared vision and active engagement with Asia and globally, we can develop innovative and integrated urban solutions for an increasingly smart and sustainable future.

Over the 3 days, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • hear from Australian and Asian thought leaders about smart and sustainable urban development
  • connect with local and international businesses
  • learn about our vision for our city and the local businesses contributing to a smart and sustainable city
  • visit major Sydney developments that are set to transform the investment landscape
  • explore ideas and opportunities to enhance a ‘smart’ Sydney–Asia relationship.

Attendance at the Summit is free and registration is essential.


Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/future-asia-business-summit-2019-registration-58336618396